Swimming Pool Water

This website is a resource for swimming pool owners and pool operators that need assistance with pool water chemistry problems. This is a comprehensive guide that covers everything that you need to know to keep your pool water crystal clear including chlorine, bromine, pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, cloudy water and algae.

Pool Water Maintenance

This comprehensive pool school tutorial covers all aspects of swimming pool water care and maintenance in simple to understand terms.

clear pool water

Whether you are brand new to owning a swimming pool or a seasoned veteran, the expert tips in this water chemistry guide will save you time, money and frustration and make owning and caring for your pool much more enjoyable.

Pool School

Swimming pool chemicals are way too expensive to waste your money by adjusting chemistry levels without first understanding how, why, when and what order you should adjust them in.

If you go in the wrong order or use even one chemical that you do not need you can upset the entire chemical balance of the pool water. You could easily spend a few hundred dollars fixing your water chemistry each time your water goes bad - OR - you can learn right here with this tutorial how to properly care for your swimming pool.

Water Chemistry Costs

Bad water chemistry will not only cost you more for chemicals and time, but will also drastically decrease the longevity of your pool equipment. Even a single pool season where the water quality is very pool is enough to cause permanent damage to a brand new gas heater.

Imagine spending upwards of $3000 to $5000 for a hew heater only to have the exchanger rust through and fail in 6 months due to chemical imbalance or over sanitization of the water.

Learn from the experts proper swimming pool water care now starting with a general explanation of the pool chemicals and levels that we will be working with. Proceed to the first section on pool chemistry terminology